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>> reporter: we'll take you to the bay bridge for the final morning commute across the old eastern span. >> reporter: fire damage to a fairfield neighborhood is a lot worse than first thought. we're gonna be talking to the battalion chief live next. we have new numbers from the fire lines in yosemite. also how the rim fire is affecting the bay area's water supply. a landmark event. right now, crowds are gathering to remember what happened in washington, d.c. on this day back in 1963. "mornings on 2" starts now.
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good morning. we want to take you out to the bay bridge where this morning's commute is historic. this is a live picture. it's pretty foggy out there. the drivers head out to the cantilever for the final time. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. let's check your weather and traffic. steve is off. but we have mark tamayo in. good morning, mark. >> good morning. the fog has been working pretty hard overnight, pushing back in. it will impact your visibility over the next few hours. right now, you can see looking out toward the bay bridge, we have dense fog. even up to the north bay, santa rosa reporting visibilities down to about one half-mile. temperatures in the 50s to the 60s. basically, right around 57 for san francisco. fairfield, 60 and san jose right now checking in, 62
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degrees. as far as winds, you can see strong out towards fairfield right out to the delta at 23 miles an hour at last check. a layer of warm air is compressing the marine layer. as it does, there's dense fog hugging the coastline. when it sneaks back into the bay, it's there. it will impact your visibility. away from this warm air, we're heating the inland spots back up to the upper 80s. for the beaches, plan on dense fog this morning. 8:00, patchy fog by 3:00. right around the bay increasing sunshine this afternoon. we're thinking a lot of 70s by 3:00 later on today. the inland neighborhoods, partly cloudy skies. the temperatures on track to reach the mid- to upper 80s warmest locations right around 90 degrees. san jose, a forecast high of 80. san francisco, 69 degrees and santa rosa in the mid-80s. at 85. here is a quick look at your five-day forecast, notice the temperatures about the same tomorrow. we're gone warm things back up to friday and then cooling for friday and saturday. sal is standing by. he has an update on the morning
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commute. good morning, sal. >> good morning. we're looking at the bay bridge. right now, traffic is going to be busy. it's about a 20-minute delay before you make it on the span. and the last day of the regular bay bridge east span before they close it down for good. we'll be driving on a new span by the next time this week. moving along and taking a look at the commute on the san mateo bridge, this could be a good smitt for the next five days starting tonight as you -- alternate for the next five days starting tonight. a couple of accidents, northbound 101 north of capital expressway, there is a crash there. the traffic has been a little slow. you can see the traffic speeds here are going to be down to less than the speed limit. as you take a look at the peninsula. highway 101 we had an earlier car fire. the traffic is slow as you drive on northbound 101, again, less than 40 miles an hour through that stretch as you drive north towards the san
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mateo area and the same with 280 -- 82 northbound, el camino's real. let's go back to the desk. it's an historic day for a bridge that first opened. bay area commuters back in the 1930s. the clock is ticking. this is the final morning commute for the old eastern span. christien kafton joins us from yerba buena with more on the closure and what commuters need to know. >> reporter: we've been running the countdown clock for days now. now it's leading just about 134 hours. take a look -- 13 hours. take a look. you can see the crews staging on the new span of the eastern bridge. you can take a look at how much work has been done on the new eastern span. the lanes have been striped preparing it for the big opening. the big task to transform -- transition commuters from the old span to be new eastern
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span. we have some new video of this last morning commute across the 77-year-old eastern span. the bridge was smooth sailing. commuters are hoping there will be a final gift. some delays this morning about 20 minutes so far. the bridge will be shut down as crews put the final touches on that new eastern span and crews will also get to work demol inirk the old eastern span and detaching the -- demolishing the old eastern span and detaching the s-curve. some drivers are planning already. >> kind of used to it now. happy to get to the new bridge. i'll just go around, take 580 and the golden gate bridge. >> reporter: you have a plan already in place this weekend? >> we've dealt with it in the past. i'm kind of used to it by now. >> reporter: while the california highway will be shutting down the bridge at
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8:00, the feeder freeway will be shutting down as early as 7:00. if the drive has you coming up, be sure you keep that in mind. if show up at 7:59, you may not be able to get across. we'll continue to monitor the situation. you can see traffic moving slow through the s-curve. we'll monitor the final commute on the old eastern span of the bay bridge. we'll talk with caltrans to find out what they are doing today and as they stage and get ready for the work to take place over the next five days. christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. >> bay area transit agencies are outlining their plans to help people. coming up, brian flores will tell us what bay area commuters need to know to get around. you can get all of the details by going to we have a special section dedicated to the bay bridge
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project including the closure details, some alternate routes and also an animation to show you what driving the new span will look like. go to the website, and look under the hot topics section. 7:06. we have new information about that destructive grass fire in fairfield, the one that raced through several homes near interstate 80. the damage was worse than first thought. tara moriarty is live in the neighborhood now and firefighters are checking all of those houses. tara? >> reporter: that's right. this morning, they actually had a hot spot that they had to get out in an attic. they had crews on scene to make sure that this fire doesn't flare up again. joining me live is battalion chief, bob stoffel just to tell us what happened here. this seemed to have been a pretty erratic fire and is dramatic footage of the two homes gutted. >> it's a wind-driven fire that started last night. because of the wind, the
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fairfield wind and nature of the trees, sesh houses burned and -- certain houses burned and certain houses didn't. there's no rhyme or reason why they did or didn't. we can get into the defensible space around your house. it's not something that one thinks about. >> reporter: it's not only here at this location but down a little bit. if we want -- if we want to the right, you can see the empty lot there. the wind played a big role in this. >> it did. the houses burned past the empty lot and there are probably a quarter mile between them. there is a lot of unburned houses in between. >> reporter: you said -- what was it? 15 homes were affected. how many families are out? >> we believe there's five. our city engineers are working with them. we had ten damaged and five we're calling uninhabitable. >> reporter: you had to evacuate 50 people.
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this happened around 3:30. i know you guys are investigating this. what have you found so far. >> we're back out to the area of origin and we'll be out there trying to find a cause. >> reporter: you guys looked at it and couldn't determine anything. >> right. >> reporter: anything else people need to know? >> right now, we had pg&e shutting off power to the affected holes. everyone else has power. the area is still somewhat closed. so we don't want people in here too much. >> reporter: okay. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. reporting live from fairfield, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. well, flames are still burning of what appears to be a warehouse in the city of dixon in solano county. this is video we just shot a couple of minutes ago. you can still see flames. there's still quite a bit of smoke billowing from it. no word yet of injuries or how this fire started. the rim fire still burning
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part of yosemite. flames are getting close to the hetch hetchy reservoir but the bay area water supply we're told is still safe for now. coming up in the next half- hour, why the long-term prospects don't look quite as good. the problems that could pop up months even years later. to the b.a.r.t. negotiations where it will be three more weeks before the opposing sides are scheduled to talk about the main sticking points. the 60-day court ordered cooling off period ends. b.a.r.t. plans to negotiate beginning on september 17th. so far, both sides are budging. once the cool-off period ends -- cooling-off period ends, both sides can go back to work. the federal agency in charge of seeing the u.s. postal office said they will not hear tom beats's appeal.
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that means the sale can proceed. the commission originally told the mayor they would hear his plans and he had until september 3rd to submit them. police are looking for a man who robbed a mcdonald's restaurant early this morning. workers say a man showed up around 3:00 this morning. he had a gun and demanded money from the safe. then he forced the workers into a freezer, told them to stay there for 30 minutes. no one was hurt. the workers say that robber was wearing a full-face white mask and also had white cloth gloves on. if you have any information, contact pleasonton police. a strategic plan is being used in the contra costa school district. the meeting tonight is at el
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cerrito high and is open to the public. the plan says schools suffer from budget suffer and a diverse population. they also say the district lacks focus. some states, including california, recommend students have at least 20 minutes to eat lunch after they've been served. but according to the department of agriculture, that's not happening. it says some students can wait in line for 30 minutes before getting food. nationwide, the average lunch period is 31 minutes. more kids are heading back to school today. you can get a complete list of back to school dates at as well as school pictures of some of us here at ktvu channel 2. look for the tab. mark tamayo is here for steve. i saw a little mark. >> i saw pam. i saw you. >> dave. >> yeah, well. 7:12. i also saw there's a push to ban soda, sugary drinks. bay area city debating that and
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a protest planned for today. it is the 50th anniversary on the march on washington. the march to deliver a powerful speech. good morning. traffic is moving along slowly in some areas. the areas right now that are getting the busiest. in weather, the fog is topping the headlines. coming up we'll talk more abouts highlights. and the -- we'll talk more about the highlights and the changes for the holiday weekend. a7
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happening right now -- today is the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. dr. martin luther king, junior's "i have a dream". these are live pictures. we're inside an interfaith memorial service at shilo baptist church in washington, d.c. that's a very talented
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woman saxophone player. i don't know who she is but she's incredible. ♪ that's just a little bit of the gospel sing she's performing right now. we also have ktvu's kyla campbell live at the national mall where the main event today is taking place. kyla? >> reporter: we're getting our own taste of performance. some people are doing mic checks. i want you to see the line behind me. this has definitely grown since i saw you last hour by the hundreds. you can see they have their own umbrellas up. it has been raining. it picked up about 15, 20 minutes ago. these people are waiting in line. when you get to the front, there's white tents. that's where they go through
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security. it's moving slow. but their goal, making sure everyone is safe. you can see beyond the umbrellas and the fencing, the lincoln memorial. that's the same exact spot where martin luther king, junior stood 50 years ago today to give his "i have a dream". that's where president obama is scheduled to speak at 11:45 a.m. pacific time. there will be other speakers from the civil rights era. we spoke to a woman who hear these people speak. she came all the way from missouri. >> there's still things to be done in the areas in our city and -- [inaudible] >> reporter: patricia said she wanted to come here 50 years ago but she couldn't. she said she was the second black woman to be hired at st. louis area banks and didn't want to take the time off -- she did want to take the time off to be here today.
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kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. the san francisco human rights commission is holding a special commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the march on washington at 5:00 this evening in the board of supervisors chambers at city hall. the commission is announcing the winners of the heroes' award for 2013 at that event. 7:17 at the time. checking in with sal on traffic. have you noticed -- is the bay bridge any more or less crowded today? about the same? >> it's about the same. people have been going into the city just a lot of anecdotal evidence suggesting of people trying to get their stuff done, the first three days before the bridge is closed. a little bit of slow traffic on highway 24 as you drive up to the willow pass grade. traffic on westbound bay bridge, that traffic is going to be -- the approach at the toll plaza is going to be slow for about a 15 to 20-minute delay. no problems onto the upper deck of the bay bridge.
7:19 am
taking a look at the livermore valley right now traffic is still very heavy on the altamont pass all the way through. it gets better until you get to livermore. if you are driving -- through castro valley. the traffic there looks pretty good. there are no major problems on the commute down toward hayward but look at all of the slow traffic here right here, all the way down. there is a long line of traffic. let's go to mark tamayo. look at the beautiful shot looking out toward the sun here. some patches of some cloud cover but off to a nice start. if you are not covered by the fog but where you do have the fog, it's locally dense. it will impact your visibility out there, it will be another warm day inland. no major changes for tomorrow. for the weekend, a sun/cloud mix. temperatures will drop off saturday, sunday and monday for labor day. as far the latest, the hug still hugging the coastline, pushing back into the bay.
7:20 am
some thick pockets here and up in the north bay, we have some half-mile visibility reports up in santa rosa, up in sonoma county at last check. current numbers are in the upper 50s to the lower 60s. you can see san francisco still waiting for the report. it should be around 57, 58. santa rosa, 55 and livermore currently checking in at 61 as far as wind speeds, still wind out out toward fairfield, that's been one constant. winds sustained at 23 miles an hour. this area of high pressure has been building in a little bit over the past few days. as a result, we've experienced the warmer temperatures. no big changes for today. the dense fog this morning, mild to warm weather pattern with a big range in temperatures. 60s 70s. warmest locations around 85 to 90. this sticks around for tomorrow. friday will be the warmest day the entire week. here is your forecast model showing you the overcast this morning, basically now and then we'll put this into motion. in the afternoon hours, the
7:21 am
clouds pull back but surge back into the bay by this evening. forecast highs later on this afternoon, as i mentioned about the same as yesterday. could be cooler in a few spots. santa rosa, 85 degrees. fairfield in the upper 80s and vacaville at 90. some more neighborhoods right around the bay. some 70s and head over the hills, you will find some more temperatures back up in the upper 80s to right around 90. san jose, a forecast high of 80 with increase in sunshine. we have cloud cover. in san francisco san francisco, 69 degrees. back-to-school forecast, berkeley, starting out with some cloud cover this morning. 59 degrees. by 12:00, 65. more sunshine this afternoon. a forecast high of 70. look ahead to your five-day forecast, no major changes for tomorrow. we'll warm things up by friday with your weekend always in view, saturday, sunday, monday. partly cloudy skies and a bit of a cooling trend. >> okay, mark. boy, those flames from the rim fire getting close to the hetch hetchy reservoir. coming up in 14 minutes, how
7:22 am
big the fire is now. how air quality is affected. and what we're hearing about when the u.s. could launch a missile attack in syria. ♪
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evidence suggests some chemical substances were used in syria last week killing hundreds of people. this comes after u.n. inspectors visit the site of damascus. this is video of the u.n. inspectors leaving their hotel this morning. the obama administration has already said it has undeniable evidence chemical weapons were used. there are reports that the u.s. could start a three-day offensive hitting syria with missiles as soon as tomorrow.
7:25 am
iran's foreign minister warned of grave conditions if any strikes are launched against syria. and venezuela's president says the u.s. allegation that the syrian government used chemical weapons smells the same as when the u.s. accused iraq of having weapons of mass destruction before invading iraq in 2003. both iran and venezuela are close allies of the syrian government. concerns about syria are boosting crude oil prices again this morning. it surged almost 2.5% earlier today to its highest level since february. that's after surging more than 3% yesterday. crude oil prices now top 117 a barrel. so far, drivers we're not seeing a price spike at the pump. anist list -- anlifts say that could happen just in time for the long holiday weekend. two and a half years late, the west coast is still feeling
7:26 am
the effects of the japanese nuclear reactor. a report suggests that fish might be contaminated along the u.s. a firm says the salmon have plummeted to historic lows. it usually takes the fish about a year to swim back and north between japan and north america. alaskan and russian salmon stocks have declined since the earthquake and tsunami that crippled that nuclear plant in 2011. the alert on a leeblg a leak at the plant was detected on august 19th. it's been upgraded to a serious incident on an international scale. tokyo electric power says about 80,000 gallons of water escaped last week and some may have reached the ocean. 7:26. there was a late-night chase through the streets of downtown oakland. now an ac transit bus got
7:27 am
caught right in the middle of the chaos. >> reporter: we are live in walnut creek where commuters are getting ready for the bay bridge closure hours from now. we'll tell you about some alternatives to get you by. and the golden gate bridge on this hump day. southbound 101 traffic looks good. the fog has been expanding in coverage. coming up we'll show wur where the dense areas are and the changes you can expect for the holiday weekend.
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you're looking live at the bay bridge as drivers make their way across the cantilever section one last time. good morning. i'm pam cook. tori campbell has the day off. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. we're going right to mark. >> we're starting off with a lot of fog this morning that will impact your visibility. i've been noticing the clouds increasing in coverage in the past two, three hours. we're talking a lot about the bay bridge this morning. you can see it's covered with some dense fog at last check. as far as current numbers, they are in the upper 50s, mid- to upper 50s here. san francisco 59. san jose, 62.
7:31 am
and livermore, 61 degrees. a few neighborhoods off to a mild start in the lower 60s. our forecast model is showing you this -- this is 8:00, you can see the overcast out there. the clouds pull back. still some leftover patches for the beaches. the inland neighborhoods back up into the 80s and a few spots could be approaching 90 degrees. that's the red contour here. getting close to 90 in the red here but the green contour, a lot of 60s and the warmest locations, maybe san francisco, right in the immediate shoreline could be in the upper 60s to near 70 degrees. dense fog it's a factor near the coast this morning. still a few left joever patches along the bay, increasing sunshine. 73 to 78. more sunshine and we'll warm things back up. 85 to 90 later on this afternoon. the forecast highs not a big change. we could have a little bit of cooling. santa rosa we'll go with 85. san jose forecast high of 80.
7:32 am
some more changes coming up in your extended forecast which includes your weekend. that's coming up in a few minutes. sal has an update on traffic. good morning, mark. right now we're looking at what we have with the wednesday morning commute. there are no major problems on the bridge although it's very crowded on this very last day of the old east span built in 1936. this is the last time you get to cross it. some people are not sentimental, though. it's like, you know what? go ahead and open that new thing on tuesday. the traffic is moving well. we'll be taking a good look at b.a.r.t. yesterday, i kind of created a slight internet mean when i said what i did yesterday, but if you are gonna take b.a.r.t., do it. that's a great way to get around. west 80 looks slow from hercules to richmond. let's go back to the desk.
7:33 am
well, caltrans is getting ready for tonight's closure of the eastern span of the bay bridge. local transit agencies are outlying their plans to help out during the bridge shutdown. brian flores joins us from walnut creek with some of the alternatives. brian? >> reporter: hi, pam. good morning. yeah, we spoke with many b.a.r.t. commuters who are here early because they are anticipating larger crowds on the b.a.r.t. trains. whether you are taking b.a.r.t., the ferries or brave enough to take the roads, officials say be patient. this is the one handful of b.a.r.t. stations 14 to be exact, they will be offering regular service and other service. they will provide longer trains during the events like baseball games happening over the weekend. keep in mind, there will not be all night service on monday night labor day for maintenance and inspections. another option is the ferries which will be expanding service at the terminals stations like
7:34 am
vallejo, alameda and oakland. or if you are brave enough to still go on the roads, ld s. e, richmond, san mateo brid but keep in mind, expect delays. we spoke with b.a.r.t. riders who say despite the expected larger crowds they really don't have a choice other than to ride the rails. >> just gonna be a longer commute. i'm gonna get up earlier and hope for the best. >> i leave early and give myself plenty of time to get to work. >> reporter: the other alternative, probably the best alternative is to stay at home if you can work from home. there is a bike shuttle service being offered. riders can be picked up in the macarthur station or folsom and main. it's a one-dollar one-way fair. other agencies like muni and caltrain say they will be operating on normal service.
7:35 am
brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> how you are planning to get around -- are you planning to get around during the closure? that's the question we're asking on our facebook page. you can share a comment by leave going to our facebook page. now to the rim fire. the fire has turned 187,000 acres or 220 -- or 290 square miles. that's 6 times the size of san francisco now. it is 23% contained this morning. the fire has destroyed 111 structures, including 31 homes. >> there have been a couple of fire line jumps. we've seen the clouds mushroom out where the fire burns very hot. >> starting at noon today, rangers will close the popular tyoga road to accommodate the crews. the fire is prompting more air quality warnings throughout the
7:36 am
california/nevada area. the smoky haze has triggered emergency warnings along parts of the eastern sierra near carson city. school children were kept inside for the second time in a week. hospitals are also reporting more people than normal going to the emergency rooms, complaining about respiratory problems. and the fire is inching toward the hetch hetchy reservoir. managers say the bay area water supply has not been disturbed. it's still safe and clean to drink. however, wildlife experts are kelling the chronicle that the rim fire could have an impact down the road. they say the fire is scorching the soil which won't be able to absorb the future rains. that makes the area extremely vulnerable to landslides meaning a buildup of sediment and degrading water quality. oakland police investigating a shooting that injured three people last night. happened about 10:00 in lowell park on 12th and fillbert. police say the victims were treated for gunshot wounds.
7:37 am
we don't know their conditions. police say one of the victims is a woman. so far, no arrests have been made. also last night in oakland, our cameras took this video. a damaged a.c. transit bus 10th and international. police say that bus was sideswiped during a chase in downtown oakland that end ed a short time later with -- ended a short time later with three people arrested three teenaged carjacking suspects. no one on the bus was hurt. a man is dead after being shot by police in antioch after a car chase. it happened at about 4:45 it yesterday afternoon on hillcrest avenue near wild flower drive. police say the chase ended when the unidentified man crashed his car, got out with a gun and ran. that's when officers opened fi. no police officers -- opened fire. no police officers were hurt. but a child in a separate car was hit by either shrapnel from a bullet or shattered glass. al osha investigating the death of a construction worker at martin luther king, junior middle school in berkeley.
7:38 am
that happened at 12:45 yesterday afternoon while the students were attending an or reentation -- orientation. a worker was laying asphalt for a new track at the school when he was hit and killed by a big rig. his name has not been released and the investigation continues. part of the chico state campus is closed this morning as police investigate a tragedy there. investigators say a student was killed after a large tree branch fell on her while she was sitting on a bench on campus. it happened yesterday afternoon in the area around butte hall and lassen hall. university has not released the name of the student. it's still not clear what caused the tree branch to come crashing down. happening today -- a debate in the south bay over a plan to ban sugary drinks. ktvu's janine de la vega, live in san jose right now, where one councilmember wants to know why this is even being debated. janine? >> reporter: dave, we're here in front of city hall. this is one of the buildings
7:39 am
that would be affected if this ban was approved. i've run into a lot of city workers who are hesitant to talk about this on camera but off camera some said they don't think it's right for the government to tell them what certain drinks are healthy or unhealthy for them. under the proposal soft drinks including diet, energy drinks and flavored water would be prohibited from being sold at city hall, community centers, library and happy hollow, so would freet and vegetable drinks with sweeteners with less than 50% real fruit and vegetable juice so would whole milk. the man who authored the proposal says it's not about telling people what they can and cannot drink, he just don't wants unhealthy choices to be
7:40 am
authored. again, this will be scursed late -- discussed later on in the afternoon here at city hall. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. the emergency alert system is being tested tonight in contra costa county. this comes as the result of mistakes made during the chevron refinery fire in richmond last year. beginning at 5:30 this evening, test calls will go out to people who live near the three refineries and one chemical plant located in the county. now the county's alert system was criticized after failing to reach thousands of people during the refinery fire last august. it was also criticized when the evacuation alerts when a gas leak went to the wrong areas. 7:40. vallejo police are searching
7:41 am
for the second of two home invasion robbery suspects. police say they entered the house by posing as pg&e workers. the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. we'll have a live report from the commemoration event going on right now in washington, d.c. as we look at the approaches the bay bridge right now, the macarthur maze looks good coming around the curve and to the toll plaza. and in weather, more fog increasing in coverage in about two hours. right now on the maps, you can see the fog offshore and pushing into the bay. and the changes you can expect coming up for the weekend. ♪ ♪
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my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will no longer be judged by the color of their skin but the content of their character. i have a dream. >> today is the 50th anniversary of the march on washington and martin luther king, junior's "i have a dream". president obama and two former presidents are scheduled to speak and the crowds are starting to gather on the national mall in washington where the big event takes place. that's where shannon travis is now to tell us what the mood is out there with the people gathered there. >> reporter: you are right the crowds are starting to trickle in. the rain that we're experiencing will not damper the mood.
7:45 am
it's a fay forever -- day forever etched in american history from a king. >> i have a dream that one day this nation will rise up, live out the true meaning of its creed. >> reporter: 250,000 people were inspired. now, 50 years later, at the same time, some from that generation and newer ones hope to evoke the spirit of that day. >> took us to another level. this was a high mountain moment of hope. >> reporter: now dignitaries from all races and creeds are expected to speak. john lewis and caroline kennedy, president obama, jimmy carter, following up a dedication where the nation's first black president praised the first black man to receive
7:46 am
a monument on the mall. >> without that shining moment, without dr. king's glorious words, we might not have had the courage to come as far as we have. >> reporter: now, some notable from absentees from this list lf expected speakers, big-named republicans, we don't expect them to speak, although former president george w. bush was invited but he had to decline because he's still recovering from the heart procedure he had earlier this month. dave? >> thank you. well, the city of san francisco is launching a new program to target kids who often miss school without explanation. district attorney george gascon says this is to keep children from winding up in the system. >> if you look at most of our social and economic problems in our city today, they are directly related to a lack or formal education. >> the d.a.'s office is
7:47 am
providing $130,000 for programs to prevent truancy at -- to schools. they are idab. wells and burton schools. more kids are heading back to school. so watch out for them. some districts back in session are fremont, walnut creek, berkeley, dublin. you can get a complete list of the dates at look for the back 2 school icon on the home page. u.s. government agencies made 11,000 -- between 11,000 and 12,000 data requests. facebook supplied information in 79% of the cases saying they were obligated by law to do it. the total request from countries outside of the u.s., about 14,000. facebook says it refused all requests from some countries like egypt.
7:48 am
they granted 84% of the requests that came from taiwan. nissan has turned one of its electric cars into a model that can drive itself. yep. nissan says it's working with stanford and other major universities on the technology for autonomous cars. the company says it will have more than one self-driving car available for sale by the year 2020. nissan is the first automaker to make this promise, adding they are aiming for realistic prices for consumers. such a bizarre concept. >> 7:48 is the time. i would just like to snooze a bit while my car takes me to work. >> wouldn't that be nice? >> yes. >> wouldn't that be nice? a little shut-eye. that may come one day. but not right now. the traffic is moving along slowly in san jose. this is northbound 280, live drive time traffic. the camera shows slow traffic. if we move to the maps, i want
7:49 am
to show you that the road sensors are picking it up as well as you can see right through here. it stays that way all the way up to cupertino. it's kind of a long one as you drive through. 101 is also slow as well and so is 85 at the bottom of the valley. it is kind of a tough commute for the south bay this morning as you drive through. let's move along and take a look at the peninsula. highway 101, southbound out of belmont, redwood city is slow and it's slow again into palo alto. some drive pictures. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. people lining up for about a 15, 20-minute delay before you make it on the span. if you are driving on the upper deck of the bay bridge, once you make it on there, it looks good into the city. let's go to mark. >> good morning. we're taking our live camera here, it's our walnut creek camera. sunshine up above. this tree always a good indicator of the wind. we have a bit of a breeze out there around 10, 15 miles an hour. winds will continue to pick up
7:50 am
in the afternoon hours. forecast headlines, we have dense fog this morning, gradually clearing back to near the coastline. tomorrow, basically the same deal and then the weekend forecast, sun/cloud mix. it temperatures will be trending down for saturday, sunday and into monday. you can see on the maps right now, we have basically clear skies down to southern california. but here's the fog bank basically covering the bay itself over the bay bridge even up in the north bay, santa rosa reporting dense fog, half-mile visibility up in sonoma county. current temperatures are in the upper 50s. 57 in half moon bay. 59 in san francisco. to the lower 60s out towards livermore. 61 in san jose, 62. i mentioned one of the wind speeds. winds sustained in fairfield. 23 miles an hour at last check. a quick update on the fire zone. for the rim temperature, the temperatures are in the 60s. humidity levels are up. winds are light and variable. the winds pick up a bit this
7:51 am
afternoon around 10, 15 miles an hour. and temperatures maxing out in the upper 80s. 88 degrees later on today. high pressure has been building in toward the state. as a result, temperatures have been warming over the past few days. no major changes for today and tomorrow. some dense morning fog, mild to warm. a lot of 80s could be approaching the 90-degree mark. the warmest day this work probably on friday. here we go this morning. we have the dense fog out there at 8:00. clearing back to near the coast this afternoon. a few leftover patches out there even right around the bay itself. the temperatures this afternoon, a little bit cooler than yesterday. santa rosa we're gonna shave off 4 degrees from 89 to 85 this afternoon. vacaville 90 degrees and stinson beach, mainly in the low to mid-60s. oakland, mid-70s. a lot of 80s near 90 inland. san jose, 80 degrees and san francisco, the clouds in the morning, leftover patches this
7:52 am
afternoon in the upper 60s. back-to-school district, temperatures this morning, 63, lower 60s as you can see. we'll warm things back up. by lunchtime, 79. forecast rye around 86 degrees. your five-day forecast, basically the same deal tomorrow. warmer for your friday and then we cool off for saturday, sunday and for monday on labor day. >> okay, mark. 7:51. tonight more mosquito fogging in san jose because of the west nile virus. the spraying starts at 11:00 tonight in the area roughly bordered by berryessa road, north king road, alum rock avenue and rinny avenue. some mosquitoes collected in that area last week tested positive for west nile virus. 7:52 is the time. a party bus shooting in san francisco and it was caught on video. what happened just moments after a gunman opened fire. fast-food workers in the bay area will walk off the job tomorrow. we'll tell you what they have a beef about. ♪
7:53 am
♪ ♪ i gotta have that bag. italian leather? for an amazing deal, and i love that designer.
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7:55 am
the nasdaq and the s&p, still concerns over possible military action in syria affecting stocks around the world. back-to-school sales helped two retailers this morning, "express" and wet seal reporting very good numbers in earnings. there's a new sign that twitter is preparing for and a public offering. they've hired a commerce chief. former ticketmaster executive nathan hubbard is expected to find ways to boost company revenue. could be more ads on twitter. that could help justify the $10 billion evaluation. analysts say twitter could go public any time. walmart will offer benefits to the domestic partners of all
7:56 am
of its american workers. they made the announcement in a postcard soent to all u.s. employees. now, walmart says partners can be of the same or opposite gender, married or unmarried. partners will be eligible if they have been living together in an exclusive relationship for at least a year and they intend to stay that way. but walmart says no proof will be needed. it may be harder than usual to get fast food tomorrow here in the bay area. hundreds of restaurant workers plan to go on strike. fast food workers nationwide want their pay increased to $15 an hour. that's about $30,000 a year for full-time workers. they say their industry is no lodger an entry level job for teenagers and more of them are supporting families. the restaurants say those higher costs could drive away customers and lead to job cuts. san jose is one of the largest cities in the country to have a ban on styrofoam. the ban was approved in a 9-2
7:57 am
vote by the city council. it takes effect in january for national chains. smaller restaurants will have until january 2015 to switch to paper or other recyclable products. styrofoam containers are already banned in san francisco, oakland and santa cruz and santa clara counties. vallejo police say one man has been arrested. they are still searching for another in connection with a home-invasion robbery. police say they entered the home by posing as pg&e workers. it happened on august 7th at a home on farrell street. police say a man and woman were duct taped and the man pistol- whipped. a 6-year-old child was also in the home at the time. this is darryl lee cox, the man police are still looking for. ray fernando frayer has been arrested in the case. he's also a suspect in two other robberies. 7:57. this is the final morning commute on the eastern span of the bay bridge. what's happening before tonight's closure and how you can get around it.
7:58 am
more homes damaged in that grass fire that raced through a fairfield neighborhood. what investigators are telling us this morning about the destruction. good morning. right now, traffic on the golden gate bridge looks good. but it's really foggy here. so use care if you are driving to southern marin. and we continue to track the dense fog, low clouds and fog expanding in coverage over the last few minutes. mum where we have the real dense patches. the temperature change you can expect with the warmest day of the week and the changes setting up for the weekend. ♪
7:59 am
[ male announcer ] wouldn't it be great if all devices had backup power? the chevrolet volt does. it's ingeniously designed to seamlessly switch from electricity to gas to extend your driving range. no wonder volt is america's best-selling plug-in. that's american ingenuity to find new roads.
8:00 am
right now, get a 2013 chevrolet volt for around $269 per month. welcome back. we are looking live at the bay bridge. it's butcy. it's flowing pretty good. but tomorrow morning, it's gonna be empty. we'll tell you more about the bridge shutdown in a couple of moments. welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook in for tori campbell today. and mark tamayo is in for steve today to tell us what it will be like. >> typically in the summertime we talk about fog in the bay area. that's what we have this morning. dense fog showing up coast side. it will impact your visibility at least in the short-term. we've been talking a lot about the bay bridge. here's the span itself and dense fog here also up in the north bay, santa rosa has been
8:01 am
visibilities down about one half-mile. current temperatures are the in upper 50s to the lower 60s. not too much change yet. probably wait for the 8:00 hours to come in. this the overcast now. clouds pull back to near the coastline. maybe a few leftover. winds easily topping 25 miles an hour in fairfield. in fact, that's already the case. areas of fog, upper 50s to the mid-60s. by lunchtime, coastal fog and temperatures around 60 to 80 degrees. we get a big temperature range from the low 60s to the beaches, 70s around the bay. warmest locations inland in the upper 80s to near 90. so these numbers about the same. could be cooler in a few spots. santa rosa, 85 degrees. san jose at 80. livermore in the upper 80s at 88. we'll take a look at your five- day forecast in a few minutes. sal is standing by. he's got traffic. any more final treks across the bay bridge for you?
8:02 am
>> someone just tweeted me, mark, a picture of their last drive across the upper deck of the bay bridge. i'm not sure if they were driving. hopefully not. but anyway, i was sent some pictures of that. let's go and take a look at the toll plaza. it's not particularly heavy right now. as a matter of fact, it looks like it's backed for about a ten-minute delay with no major problems if you are driving through to the upper deck of the bay bridge. also looking at interstate 880 here and the traffic is moving along relatively well. there are no major problems. now, if you are driving out to the peninsula, traffic is moving along relatively well. in the east bay, we have a look at the traffic here on 80 between richmond and the berke lir area, it's rather slow according to the road sensors and then we look at the commute on 880 south out of 238 all the way down to fremont. it has been very slow through there. we do have a look at the commute times here from the pleasant hill road to the
8:03 am
caldecott tunnel. that's an 11-minute drive there. let's go back to the desk. >> it's an historic day for a bridge that first opened to bay area commuters back in the 1930s. look at the clock. it's ticking towards tonight's shutdown of the bay bridge. this is the final morning commute for the old eastern span. ktvu's christien kafton joining us live. he's on yerba buena island now with more on the countdown to tonight's bridge closure and what commuters need to know. >> reporter: yeah, dave. just under 12 hours to go until the bridge closes. let's give you the live look again from yerba buena island looking out. you can see traffic moving along fairly smoothly along the s-curve. looking to the right, you can see the portion there will be transitioning traffic onto. that will be the focus of a great deal of work. if you take a look you can see where the lane striping is coming to an end, and they will have to be doing some paving work and in the last ten minutes, i got off with the
8:04 am
phone with caltrans. the spokesman tells me right now crews are working on final touches before the closure. he says there are no major projects they are working on today, just getting prepped for this five-day construction marathon. we have video of the 77-year- old span. the last morning commute across this section of the bridge. we drove the bridge ourself and it was smooth sailing at 5:15 this morning. the bridge will be shut down as crews work on the final tusms. crews will get to work demolishing the old eastern span and detaching the s-curve from yerba buena island. some drivers say they are already planning on how to handle this big bridge closure. >> the next couple of days, i have to go around to the san mateo bay bridge and maybe have to wake up half an hour earlier and on the way back home, i have to -- maybe i spend an hour extra.
8:05 am
part of life. >> reporter: while california highway patrol will be shutting down the bridge at 8:00 tonight, the feeder freeways to the bridge will be shutting down as early as 7:00. so if you are trying to make a last-minute trip across the bridge, get your start early if you try to make your way to the bridge at 7:55 or 7:59, you might not be able to make it on the bridge. be sure you keep that in mind. cupping back out to the -- coming back out to the live shot, the traffic is moving smoothly through the s-curve, the focus is the new portion of the eastern span where it comes into yerba buena island. we've seen some activity down there. a lot of vehicles, some personnel down there. crews are staging getting vehicles and equipment into position for this weekend. major construction work, we will continue to contact cal caltrans, i have a meeting set -- set up with them at 9:15, 9:30 this morning to get more details about what's going on today. we'll bring you more details later on this morning and then, be su toin to noon.
8:06 am
construction project is developing here for the new eastern span of the bay bridge. for now we're live here on yerba buena island, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. well, the winery on treasure island is hosting two weddings this weekend. those guests will be given passes to get through to san francisco. some others who will be given the passes are people who live or work on treasure island or who have a berth at the marina. you can get all of the details about the bay bridge closure by going to our channel 2 website. we've got a special section dedicated to the bay bridge project including the closure details, alternate routes and some animation to show you what driving the new span will look like. just go to look under the hot topics section. we have new information and new pictures this morning of the grass prior that raced through a neighborhood in fairfield. that fire started yesterday afternoon on the side of interstate 80. firefighters are telling us
8:07 am
that five homes are considered unlivable now, ten other homes were damaged. now, these images are aerials taken a short time ago of the destruction in the area. last night, crews announced that that fire had burned a total of six homes. after further investigation that number grew to more than double that amount. fire crews blame strong delta winds for fanning the blames. homeowners describe a chaotic scene as they scramble to collect what they could and get out. >> i was really like more shocked. it's always so calm on the street and for something like this to happen, you can see everybody is outside, it's like crazy, pandemonium. >> 200 firefighters were called in to battle the fire which burned 40 acres and took about two hours to control. investigators say it's possible that they may never know exactly what sparked the fire. but it could be from a tossed cigarette or a spark from a passing car. 8:07. a man is in the hospital after stabbing himself in the chest
8:08 am
during a confrontation with santa clara county sheriff's deputies. now, a deputy was sent to a house on raymond avenue near san jose city college monday night. when the deputy got there, the man started waving a kitchen knife and charged at the deputy. according to reports, the man also slashed a tire on the deputy's car, broke several windows and then punched and bit the deputy's police dog. the man then stabbed them hef several times -- himself several times. both the man and the police dog are expected to recover. a paurt bus in san francisco early sunday morning was captured on surveillance video. you can see people running for their lives. shots are fired from that bus. this happened at 9th and folsom street about 2:15 sunday morning. police were close by, just a block away. they got there within minutes. police say a woman in her 20s may have been grazed by a
8:09 am
bullet. nobody was seriously hurt. >> those areas are crowded at 2:00 a.m. when people are milling around. we're lucky no one was hit. >> so far no one has been arrested. more sex abuse charges have been filed against a former east bay elementary schoolteacher. contra costa county prosecutors charged joseph martin with more counts. he faces a total of 125 counts total. the charges involve 13 former students. he taught fifth grade at woodside elementary in concord and worked in the school district since 1991. he faces life in prison if convicted. san rafael police say a woman accused of cashing bad checks may be linked to several burglaries in the city. police released this photo of the woman. she's accused of depositing fraudulent checks into a account that was opened under a fake nail. police say the photos were
8:10 am
taken in july at two west america banks in san rafael. if you have any information about the woman, police are asking you to call them. governor brown wants to send thousands of california prison inmates to private prisons instead of releasing them as a way to ease overcrowding. a federal prison has ordered the state to reduce the population bile 9,000 inmates by the end of the year -- by 9,000 inmates by the end of the year. the state legislature still hases to approve the governor's idea. now to the b.a.r.t. negotiations, where it will be three more weeks before the two sides will talk about the main sticking points. the 60-day cord ordered cooling off period ends the 10th. they plan to negotiate salaries and benefits starting on september 17th. so far, neither side is budging. once the cooling-off period ends, b.a.r.t. workers are, once again, free to go on strike. there is a setback to save
8:11 am
the berkeley post office. the federal agency in charge of overseeing the postal service announced it would not here mayor bates's appeal -- would not hear mayor bates's appeal. on monday, they reversed the decision to hear him. a man robbed a mcdonald's. workers say a man -- the man showed up at about 3:00 this morning, had a gun and demanded money from the safe. now, you then forced them into the freezer and told them to stay there for 30 minutes. no one was hurt. workers say the robber was wearing a full face white mask. anyone with information about the robbery is asked to call pleasanton police. the federal government threw out a legal claim that anti-israel protest at uc berkeley caused a hostile
8:12 am
environment for students. they started an investigation in july of the laugh year. two grading say the antiapartheid sparked this. campus police at uc berkeley are worried about the number of alcohol-related incidents as students start to move back into the dorms. according to the daily cal, there were eight cases of alcohol-related illnesses involving students under the age of 21 on monday morning. all of the incidents happened in residence halls between 1:00 and 2:a.m. now, last year there were five alcohol-related illnesses during that move-in period. 8:12 is the time. new developments tied to the asiana jet tragedy. and this is the 50th anniversary for the march on washington.
8:13 am
a lot of pressure on president obama to deliver a powerful speech. traffic is getting busy in some areas. but some areas are beginning to clear out. we'll tell you where the areas are. and in weather, we've been tracking the fog all morning long. sunshine up above but traces of the fog layer. we'll have more on your forecast coming up after the break. hi, we' eaush we'o town. welcome to monroe. so you can move more effortlessly... we want to open a new account: checking and savings. well we can help with that. we tend to do a lot of banking online. you play? yeah discover a mobile app that lets you bank more freely... and feel at home more quickly. chase. so you can.
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welcome back.
8:16 am
a commemoration of the march on washington. this is live of the lincoln memorial this morning where martin luther king, junior gave his "i have a dream" 50 years ago today. that's where president obama is scheduled to speak today at 11:45. ktvu's kyla campbell is out there this morning at the national mall. >> reporter: i spoke with a lot of people in the crowd. they are very excited to hear from president obama today. so much has happened and changed in the last 50 years. president obama is not scheduled to speak for three hours and that's a good thing. take a look at the line here. it's been growing and growing. when i say you last hour, we were in a different location. you can see the sea of umbrellas. it's been raining on and off. we're getting sunshine and beyond the umbrellas. you can see a white tent.
8:17 am
that's the security area that everybody from the public has to go through. our forecaster counted seven metal detectors. this line moving very slow this morning. everyone wants to get to what you see in the distance there, the lincoln memorial. everyone wants to get as close as they can to the lincoln memorial where martin luther king, junior gave his "i have a dream" 50 years ago today. we spoke to a few people who were here in 1963. >> we're here to make sure our children and all the children in the united states understand they have a responsibility and that responsibility is to hope their country become -- continue to become a great country. >> reporter: you can see the crowd moving in here once again. on the steps, lincoln memorial steps is where president obama, former presidents jimmy carter and bill clinton, several from the civil rights movements from the 1960s will be speaking from the same steps. we'll be here throughout the day and provide coverage.
8:18 am
for now, providing coverage, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. the san francisco human rights commission is holding a special commemoration at 5:00 this evening in the board of supervisorsace chambers. the commissioner is announcing the winners of the hero awards for 2013 at that event. 8:17. former secretary of state, hillary clinton will be back here in the bay area in november. she was in san francisco earlier this month to receive an award from the american bar association. now, in november, she will be the keynote speaker at moscone center. she will attend a fund-raiser for the clinton foundation. no word where the fund-raiser will be held. but we're hearing that tickets will start at $150. oakland city councilman larry reed is not planning to run for mayor against mayor jean quan next year. according to the san francisco "chronic ql reed said his
8:19 am
daughter talked him out of running because she's concerned about his health. so far, parker and joe tooman have announced they will run for mayor. mayor jean quan was among 18 u.s. mayors who met with president obama and attorney general eric holder at the white house yesterday. you can see her there at the table. the urban leaders talked about ways to reduce teenaged violence in the big cities in the country. mayor quan had a special request for the president. she says oakland wants more federal money to fight crime in the city. well, mayor quan missed an important meeting in her office back in oakland city hall. there have been a number of unsolved killings in what's been a very violent year in oakland. now grieving family members of the victims are demanding answers from oakland city leaders. several mothers, grandmothers, wives and sisters of young men killed on the streets of oakland went into the mayor's office yesterday afternoon. they left with grim faces. >> i have not been aware of any
8:20 am
suspect in my son's case, and i'm here to demand action and answers. >> we have to start somewhere. we're gonna start here. so the meeting was the beginning point and what happens after that, you know, we're gonna stand together. >> city leaders say they are doing everything possible to find those responsibility for the deadly violence in oakland. all right, pam. 8:20. hey, sal, it's been relatively -- everyone has been on good behavior for you this morning. >> we haven't had that many major crashes. we've had slowdowns to be sure. one of them has been on the east shore freeway. westbound 80 you can see traffic that will be a little bit slow coming out of the vallejo area to berkeley and to the bay bridge toll plaza. when you get to the toll plaza, it is light. as a matter of fact, there have been no major problems getting to the bridge. traffic is moving along pretty well. if you are driving on 580 through the castro valley why, that traffic is dash castro
8:21 am
valley -- through the castro valley y it remains slow through the milpitas area. b.a.r.t. is doing well. some mine or problems. those have been cleared up from the pittsburg to sfo line. no delays on muni. let's go to mark. beginning to lift a little bit, the fog. this is our camera in san jose with partly cloudy skies. we're expecting more sunshine in the south bay. everybody what's happening, though, we have a layer of warm air. it's compressing the marine layer. it's she low and dense pockets. that's why you have a dropoff in visibilities this morning across parts of the bay area. here's the current fog pattern out there as we come in closer. the bay bridge we've been talking a lot about it. right now we have dense fog crossing the bridge. up in the north bay, up towards santa rosa and up in napa, visibilities have been coming down to less than one mile at last check. current numbers are in the
8:22 am
upper 50s to the lower 60s. san francisco 59 degrees. napa, at 56. san jose, currently reporting 63 degrees and partly cloudy skies as we just showed you. wind speeds most areas not too much of a factor, except the winds funneled, winds out of the southwest at 22 miles an hour at last check. high pressure has been returning to california basically so temperatures have been warmer this weekend. not much change for today or tomorrow. we're gonna gradually warm things back up by friday. friday will be one of the warmest days of the week. maybe cooler than yesterday. our forecast model pulls the fog back to near the coastline. still some more numbers away from the immediate shoreline. santa rosa, 85. vacaville at 90. 65, oakland, mid-70s head over the hills, you will find upper 80s to around 90 degrees. san jose, a forecast high of 80 in san francisco in the upper 60s. look ahead to your five-day
8:23 am
forecast, same deal for your thursday, warmer on friday with your weekend always in view, we're gonna cool things off for saturday, sunday and labor day weekend on monday. we're gonna continue our team coverage of tonight's bay bridge shutdown. the really big story today. how the closure will affect deliveries that could be a matter of life and death. and why are there beagles at san francisco international airport. the item they are sniffing around for to keep them out of this country. unbelievable. shhhhh! in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet. yeah, our babysitter didn't have a million ways
8:24 am
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8:26 am
specially-trained dogs are being used at san francisco international airport to sniff out a possible threat to california's citrus industry. beagles at the airport have been trained to find citrus fruit and even leaves that travelers might have in their luggage. the state is trying to keep out a dangerous pest that originated in asia that spreads the disease that kills citrus trees. >> we have a very large fresh market sit tris industry here and our industry can't abide this disease killing the icy tris -- citrus. >> so far, only one diseased tree has been found in california and that was last year. 8:26. restrictions on foreign airlines landing at sfo have been lifted. two weeks after the asiana airlines crash at sfo, the faa would not let foreign airlines
8:27 am
land on parallel runways at the same time. the faa says it started allowing the side by side landings again last week. that's when the instrument landing system at sfo was turned on again. it had been shut down because of a construction project and they weren't able to -- they weren't available when the crash occurred. 8:26. her brother is accused of kidnapping hannah anderson. you will hear from the sister of murder and kidnapping suspect, james dimaggio and the warning to him about hannah. >> reporter: we're live in walnut creek. we'll tell you the other alternatives to get by during this very busy labor day weekend. this morning's commute is doing well in some areas including the bay bridge. sawyer you a yas are still -- some areas are still slow. we'll run that down for you. and the coming up, the temperature change you can expect for your wednesday afternoon.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
you are look rk live at the bay bridge -- you are looking live at the bay bridge toim. wish it -- toll plaza. wish it could stay this way forever. tomorrow it will be empty out there. commuters will never drive on the cantilever section again. more on this coverage in a few minutes. good morning. welcome back. i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic for you. >> mark's in for steve. >> good morning. i can see the big fok bank. you can -- big fok bank. clouds along the coastline. a big push extending over the
8:31 am
bay bridge, oakland, san leandro, up in the north bay, the visibility is down to let than half a mile. even some overcast in sonoma county. current temperatures updated for your 8:00 hour are ranging from the upper 50s in san francisco to a lot of 60s for concord, walnut creek and san jose reporting partly cloudy skies and a current temperature of 63 degrees. we're talking about the dense fog because we have a layer of warm air up above us. it's compressing the marine layer. that sets up this. a shallow marine layer and sneaks through the gaps here and pushes back into the bay. that's what we have. starting out the day in the 50s and 60s. all sorts of colors. the green links up with the 60s. this original in the 7 -- orange in the 80s. today we'll be cooler compared to yesterday. these are all tiny changes. for this morning areas of fog at 9:00. mid-50s to the mid-60s. by 12:00 still some coastal fog. the temperature begins to widen
8:32 am
and between 12:00 and 4:00 there's the range that you would expect this time of year. low 60s for the beaches. temperatures inland will be on the warm side. upper 80s to near 90. antioch at 89. oakland, 74 and san francisco in the upper 60s at 69 degrees. some changes coming up. we'll have more coming up. but sal has an update on traffic. good morning to you, sal. >> good morning. traffic is moving along relatively well in some air -- look at the bay bridge as dave just said, we wish it would stay that way. it looks like some people may be avoiding san francisco today on this wednesday because getting out, you have to be out tonight by i -- i would say 7:00 and 8:00 and shutting down the bridge tonight for the next five days. let's move along to the look at oakland, northbound and southbound, 880. that traffic looks okay. westbound 580 there is a crash reported there. i want to check out the maps. the traffic on 680 southbound from san ramon down to pleasanton, it looks pretty
8:33 am
good. the sunol grade traffic is not that severe heading down to the fremont area. but 88 sure is. it's slow heading down from ub yun city to -- union city to fremont. caltrain and muni doing well. 8:32. let's go back to the desk. >> tu, sal. caltrans getting ready for the closure of the eastern span of the bay bridge. the local transit agencies are saying there's plans to help out during the bridge shutdown. brian flores joining us live. he's in walnut creek. you know all about the commute alternatives. brian? >> yes. we spoke to many b.a.r.t. riders here early this morning in anticipation of many more people not just today but this afternoon hours before the bay bridge is expected to close. but certainly today and the next couple of days is a time when you need to bring your patients. this one station is one of 14 other stations providing 24- hour service to go along with the regular service. some of the stops are walnut
8:34 am
creek, sfo, the kol local see yum and the oakland -- coliseum and the oakland airport. another option for you to take is the ferries, which will be expanding service at vallejo, alameda and oakland terminals. or if you are brave enough to go on the roads, you have the golden gate, richmond and hayward bridge bridges. expect delays. officials expect two, three- hour delays on the golden gate. we spoke to some riders who said they are looking forward to the new opening, not so much for the closure. >> i'm gonna leave home a half- hour earlier. we depend only on b.a.r.t. we really need it. >> i was on the bay bridge yesterday. it took me two hours to get home. i'm looking forward to taking b.a.r.t. and i'm happy to be open 24 hours a day. >> reporter: of other alternative and probably the best alternative is to stay at home and try to work from home if you you can.
8:35 am
but there's also a bike shuttle office being offered. this is a one-way service that goes on roughly from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. other agents ajencies 0 -- agencies are operating on normal schedules. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. how are you planning to get around during the bay bridge closure? that's a question we're asking you this morning on facebook. you can share your plans by leaving a comment on our wall. medical workers are well aware that the bay bridge is a critical transpotiontation link in the bay area. drivers often rely on the bay bridge to deliver medical supplies to patients across the bay. many have been working on a plan-b for the bridge closure starting tomorrow morning, they plan to use other bridges, work long days to try to get wheelchairs and oxygen tanks to people who need them. >> it will be tough.
8:36 am
they will deal with a lot of traffic. we'll deal with it. >> the u.s. postal service is making adjustments across the bay. that includes monitoring traffic and using the alternate bridge that's less crowded. final plans are underway for another -- another big project. tearing down the old bridge. demolition crews have a big job ahead of them dismantling that 76-year-old bridge. environmental restrictions means they can't use dynamite so the old bay bridge will have to be torn down piece by piece to avoid a collapse. the dreaded s-curve will be torn down first. the entire demolition project expected to take about two years. our time is now 8:36. tonight a strategic flan we talked about to deal with problems in the west contra costa unified school district. the meeting is at el cerrito high school. it's open to the public. the plan says the district has to deal with poverty problems and a high number of english
8:37 am
learners. it also says schools are suffering from budget problems and a very diverse student population. the plan says the district has a lot of productive programs but they don't have focus. some students are sarved for -- starved for time as school lunch hours are shrinking. some states recommend students have at least 20 minutes to eat their lunch after they've been served but according to the department of agriculture that's not happening. it says some students can wait in line for 30 minutes before they even get food. nationwide, the average lunch period is 31 minutes. more kids are heading back to school today which you know. you can get a complete list of back to school dates at our channel 2 website, as well as take a look at some of the school pictures of some of our on-air talent, our reporters and anchors. there are several new developments in the kidnapping of san diego county teenager
8:38 am
hannah anderson. the family of the suspect james dimaggio is backing off the idea of asking hannah to submit dna tests. dimaggio's family was investigating rumors that he was the biological father of hannah and her younger brother, ethan. his sister went on cnn and says he was a good man whgave his life protecting hannah. >> i remember very vividly telling my brother she's -- she's trouble. she's gonna -- she's -- i said you need to watch out for that one. she's trouble. >> on august 10th an fbi agent shot and killed dimaggio in idaho after a nationwide search for him and hannah. investigators have declined to discuss a motive for the kidnapping but they call hannah a victim in every sense of the word. a funeral was held this morning for an australian baseball player killed near his oklahoma college. this morning's service was in
8:39 am
australia. the hometown of 22-year-old christopher lane. lane was shot and killed while jogging last friday. three teenagers have been arrested for that shooting. police say the oldest three suspects told them that they had nothing better to do so they followed lane and shot him. 8:38. happening right now in washington, d.c., the commentalration of the 50s -- commegsration of the -- commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the march is underway. out reporter is there at the national mall. so describe the mood out there. >> reporter: yeah, the mood is actually pretty jubilant and celebratory of the gains that have been made so far from the civil rights movement. the president you are listening to and you have a senator on stage. we had former embassy andrew
8:40 am
young. the headline of today's event will be president obama. >> it's a day for forever etched in american history, sending forth lasting ideals and ideased from a king. >> i have a dream that one day this nation will rise up, live out the true meaning of its free. >> reporter: 250,000 people attended untold numbers worldwide were inspired. now, 55 years later, at the same place, some of that generation and new ones hope to evoke the spirit. >> martin luther king took us to another level. it was a high mountain of hope. >> reporter: now it's dignitaries from all nations and creeds are slated to speak. oprah winfrey, leann rimes and jamie fox. john lewis and caroline kennedy as well. and presidents, jimmy carter, bill clinton and barack obama following up a 2011 dedication
8:41 am
where the nation's first black president praised the first black man to receive a monument on the mall. >> without that shining moment, without dr. king's glorious words, we might not have had the courage to come as far as we have. >> reporter: one notable thing, we don't expect any prominent republicans to take the stage today, although former president george w. bush was invited. he had to decline the invitation because she's still recovering from that heart procedure he had earlier this month. dave? >> all right. shannon travis, thank you. we have some breaking news now in vallejo where there was a shooting a block away from beverly hills elementary school. ktvu's tara moriarty arrived on the scene moments ago and tara is gonna describe the scene for us. >> reporter: well, vallejo police say when they arrived on scene, they noticed a young man laying on the grass across the
8:42 am
street with a gunshot wound to his leg. one block over, witnesses spotted a person running near beverly hills elementary school, this all happened 20 minutes after 6:00 this mornings, police were able to catch him. he was being taken away as we drove you. the sergeant said he's considered a person of interest. we also saw what appeared to be a gun used in the actual shooting. police say the victim is expected to survive and interesting to note about two weeks ago there was another shooting a few blocks from this elementary school a 19-year-old was found shot to death in his car. now, as far as we know, school is open and classes are resuming right now. live from vallejo i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 8:42. there is a new controversy surrounding george zimmerman, the man acquitted in the trayvon martin shooting. why zimmerman's wife just admitted to breaking the law. it has to do with the second-
8:43 am
degree murder trial. >> reporter: sodas could be banned at searn city facilities used by -- certain city families used by thousands of people in san jose. we'll explain why this is sparking so much controversy. farmers presents: fifteen seconds of smart. so you want to drive more safely? stop eating. take deep breaths. avoid bad weather. [ whispers ] get eight hours. ♪ [ shouts over music ] turn it down! and, of course, talk to farmers. hi. hi. ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum - bum ♪
8:44 am
8:45 am
so you want to drive more safely? of smart. stop eating. take deep breaths. avoid bad weather. [ whispers ] get eight hours. ♪ [ shouts over music ] turn it down! and, of course, talk to farmers. hi. hi. ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum - bum ♪ welcome back to "mornings on 2." taking a live look at the big
8:46 am
board. dow jones up about 50 points of much better day than yesterday but there's still a lot of worries over syria, possible military action there. this morning home sales suffering a little bit on higher interest rates. happening today -- a debate in the south bay over a controversial plan to ban shul gary drinks. janine de la vega is live in san jose, where she just talked to a city councilman proposing this. janine? >> reporter: yeah, and he told me that santa clara county already implemented a similar ordinance and he wants to make it clear that this is isn't a citywide ban on soda, only vending machines inside city hall and ot other city venues they would have to remove their sodas and sugary drinks. up the proposal, soft drinks, energy drinks and certain flavored water would be prohibited from being sold at libraries and amusement parks. so would whole milk and fruit drinks with less than 50% fruit
8:47 am
or vegetables. this proposal is being discussed during a meeting. councilman kalra says it's not about telling people what they can and cannot drink. >> he can put our head in the sand -- put our hands in the sand and and pretend it's it's not a problem but it is. i just feel that certain government institutions should not be contributing to the problem. that's it. let's not add to the problem. >> as adults we should be the ones who decide what's healthy for us. if we don't want to do what's good for our bodzies, that's still our -- bodies that's still our choice. >> he's pleading with the public to voice his opposition. he calls it a colossal waste of time and thinks the city needs to concentrate on improving services rather than acting as a manning government. he also notes what he calls
8:48 am
inconsistencies in the proposal, the city zoo and happy hollow would have to adhere to this. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news 8:47. hey, sal, 680, everybody banking -- behaving for you? >> it's a little bit slow. no major probltion -- no major problems. the morning commute is gonna be live at the bay bridge toll plaza. i think a lot of people have decided not to go today because they don't want to be stuck in the city. they are not taking the car. speaking of san francisco, we're looking pretty good on northbound 101. a little bit of slow traffic after cesar chavez. the traffic on the east bay is slow from 580. 8:48. let's go to mark. we're tracking more clouds this
8:49 am
morning. low clouds and fog near the coast. right around the bay, but inland already the clouds beginning to lift a little bit. here is our oakland camera. starting off with the overcast. a cool start, possibly a drop off in visibilities with the shallow marine layer. today, dense morning fog. it will be warm. basically the same deal. a sun/cloud mix and temperatures trending down saturday, sunday and into monday. as far as the latest on the satellite. here is the current satellite, you can see this covered with the overcast from emeryville to san francisco. santa rosa reporting a lot of cloud cover and also right around napa as well some reports of dense fog currently at this 8:00 hour. we have a 9 in santa rosa. san jose, 63 and a lot of 60s out in on cord and livermore. high pressure returning to california. temperatures have been trending
8:50 am
up. today not too much change. we're gonna hold onto the pattern. it could be cooler compared to yesterday's highs. probably the warmest day is scheduled to friday. that will translit to low to mid-90s. for today, big temperature range once again. 60s for the beaches. warmest locations, this orange contour, upper 80s to right around 90 degrees. well inland by 3:00, 4:00 today. temperatures this afternoon, with the clouds pulling back to near the shoreline. still a few left over patches. they will range from 63 in pacifica. all the way to 93 in brentwood. berkeley, 71. as we move the matches to the south, morgan hill and gilroy, we're talking about some more 80s. look ahead to your five-day forecast, same forecast for your thursday. a little bit warmer for friday with your weekend always in view, holiday weekend coming up, partly cloudy skies a little bit of a temperature dip, especially for sunday and monday. >> okay, mark. 8:50. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories
8:51 am
-- today is the last morning commute for the bay area's bridge. the bridge first opened in 1936. the clock ticking toward tonight's bay bridge shutdown. at 7:00 tonight, the chp will start running traffic breaks ahead of the bridge shutdown at 8:00. the number of homes damaged by yesterday's grass fire in fairfield has more than doubled. firefighters now say five houses are unlivable. ten other homes were damaged. firefighters at first said the flames burned six houses but they found out the real extent upon further investigation. and we just received new information about the breaking news tara moriarty told you about in vallejo ten minutes ago. a man was shot in the leg and dash doorn on his front -- and on his -- on his front yard
8:52 am
about 7:00 this morning. police detained a woman and a man. it happened near beverly hills elementary school. that shooting victim was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. this just in, the army psychiatrist who killed 13 people at fort hood army base in texas did not address the jurors who will decide his fate. major nadal hasan declined to give a closing argument this morning during the penalty phase of his trial. last week he was convicted of 13 counts of premeditated murder. he's acacting as his own -- acting as his own attorney but did not call any witnesses. we know that george zimmerman was acquitted in the death of trayvon martin but now his wife pleaded guilty in connection to the case. shelley zimmerman pleaded guilt toy a misdemeanor perjury -- to a misdemeanor perjury charge for lying about the couple's assets during a bail hearing back in june. she received a sentence of one year probation and 100 hours of community service. 8:52. there are some new words in the dictionary. how one word tied to a controversial performance by that young lady there.
8:53 am
i gotta have that bag. italian leather? for an amazing deal. [ shopper ] you paid how much for that? [ female announcer ] two stores. two amazing ways to score. t.j.maxx and marshalls.
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welcome back. 8:55. new video just in of this morning's deadly bombings in baghdad. reuters reporting at least 71 people were killed. more than 200 others were hurt. now, this included car bombings and suicide bombings. a lot of the victims were out shopping or they were heading to work at the time. the bombings targeted parking lots outdoor markets and restaurants in predominantly shiite neighborhoods. a group calling itself the
8:56 am
syrian electronic army is taking responsibility for hacking the new york times and twitter. the new york times blamed the hackers for an outage that lasted seven hours. twitter quickly regained control of its domain. the hackers claim they are supporting president assad. tech experts say the attack on domain requires a lot more sophistication than hacking only websites. twerking has shaken its way into the oxford dictionary. the latest dance craze made headlines after miley cyrus's performance at the mtv awards. the dictionary says they may never know the origin of the word but it will be described as a proevacuatetive defense -- prevoktive defense dance. the other include --
8:57 am
right now we're gonna stop and do the sal. he knows about our commute. >> the reason selfie has become popular is because you can hold the phone up. chp officer could cite you for driving unsafely for holding your phone up like that. you can take a friend with you and they can take pictures of the bridge for you, this last day. the traffic is still slow getting up towards downtown oakland. the oakland road sensors are slow. the traffic is going to be slow, especially still on 580 as you drive that way. there's my line. there you go. let's go to mark. hi there, sal. good morning. we've been talking about the fog. clouds pull back to near the shoreline. temperatures cool off a little
8:58 am
bit compared to yesterday's highs. we warm things up on friday with your weekend always in view. the holiday weekend in view. partly cloudy skies. we're gone trend terps down a little -- temperatures down a little bit. no major heat in the forecast. at least for the weekend. friday will be the warmest day. >> that's our report for this morning. we thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. >> be sure to watch the news at noon for more on the countdown to tonight's bay bridge closure. we're always here for you at and mobile ktvu. thanks for watching. have a great day. ody.
8:59 am
9:00 am
i'm beth troutman. if you are looking for great videos, this is the show for you, "right this minute". a racecar flips over and gas starts pouring in -- >> watch what happens. >> meet the lucky driver who escaped a caged inferno. >> when it is your time the go, it is your time to go and obviously, it was not my time the go. >> cops chase a motorcycle rider who hides behind a dumpster. >> and then listen to the excuse. >> b

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